Unity Prayer Chaplains

Unity believes that prayer is a way of moving through life in communion with Spirit.  Prayer strengthens our awareness of God’s presence within us, connecting us to the Source of our being and to the spiritual Truth that we are all beloved children of God.

Unity practices affirmative prayer, which is based on simple but empowering spiritual Truths, which focus on our Oneness with God and the understanding that God’s will for us is always for the highest good. With faith and gratitude we affirm that our needs are met, our prayers are answered and, by the power of the Christ Light within, we are Divinely blessed.

Prayer Chaplains…How may we pray with you?

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Our Prayer Chaplains are members of Unity of Dallas who feel “called” to serve as a chaplain. They have had special training and experience in praying with others and in offering services listed below.  Prayer Chaplains hold all prayer requests in strict confidence.


From L to R—Front Row: Ida Ribbik, Ronald Osborne, Laura Sutherland and Nicole Spaller (Honorary Prayer Chaplain)   Back Row: Linda Huston, Cecile Phillips, Carolyn Barrow (Emeritus Chaplain), Kelly Abdellatif, Ana Vincent, Jan Pearman (Emeritus Chaplain) and Deb Stovall. Not pictured: Billye Jones, Lesa Walker, Cindy Myers (Chaplain Emeritus) and Dave Spaller (HonoraryPrayer Chaplain)

Whether this is your first visit, or if you have been with us for many years, Prayer Chaplains are here to support you in prayer in the following ways:

  • They are present and available to pray with you upon request before and after the Sunday service. Our Prayer Chaplains wear prayer stoles depicting the colors of the 12 Powers/Chakras. Simply ask any chaplain.
  • You may call the Church office at 972-233-7106 and ask that a chaplain call to pray with you.  You may leave a message on the chaplain extension, (number 231) and a chaplain will return your call.
  • You may complete the on-line prayer request form which is automatically sent to our Prayer Chaplains. You will received confirmation that your prayer request has been seen if you request it. OR
  • Print out the attached prayer request form, fill it out and bring it here in person to place in the Prayer Chest, which is inside the front door of the church. A chaplain will receive your request and respond as you indicated on the form.
  • Prayer Chaplains make visits to hospitals, rehab centers, long-term care facilities, etc.
  • Call Silent Unity, the worldwide prayer ministry, is available 24/7 at 1-800-NOW PRAY. Click Here for more information on Silent Unity.

Please know that your prayer request is kept sacred and confidential.  We are here for you. You are never alone.

2017 Chaplains
  • Cecile Phillips
    Cecile Phillips Prayer Chaplain
  • Carolyn Barrow
    Carolyn Barrow Prayer Chaplain Emeritus
  • Linda Huston
    Linda Huston Prayer Chaplain Coordinator
  • Billye Jones
    Billye Jones Prayer Chaplain
  • Cindy Myers
    Cindy Myers Prayer Chaplain Emeritus
  • Ida Ribbik
    Ida Ribbik Prayer Chaplain
  • Laura Sutherland
    Laura Sutherland Prayer Chaplain
  • Lesa Walker
    Lesa Walker Prayer Chaplain
  • Jan Pearman
    Jan Pearman Prayer Chaplain Emeritus
  • Deb Stoval
    Deb Stoval Prayer Chaplain
  • Ana Vincent
    Ana Vincent Prayer Chaplain
  • Kelly Abdellatif
    Kelly Abdellatif Prayer Chaplain
  • Ronald Osborne
    Ronald Osborne Prayer Chaplain
  • Nicole Spaller
    Nicole Spaller Honorary Prayer Chaplain
  • Dave Spaller
    Dave Spaller Honorary Prayer Chaplain